Hymn From The Hive


84 minutes, Tranylvanian Saxon, German, Romanian, English, with English subtitles | 2021

A house. A shelter. A man the last one left in the homeland. A woman returns to her community every year. The daughters and husband who have lost all traditions. A rapper who raps in the old language. In 1990 Susanna marries Udo. Their wedding is the last one celebrated between two Saxons in their village. After that the couple emigrated like half a million of Transylvanian Saxons. After 30 years in Germany the relationship between Susi and Udo has gone stale and they haven’t taught their native language to their daughters that feel just German. Georg on the other hand is proud of his identity. He hopes with his rap to spread the young generations about the heritage to make them proud of being a Saxon. This is the choral story of a family who is learning to change in order not to disappear.

Still frame


2022 | 41st NAFA International etnographic film festivalTransylvania, Romania

2022| Lift-Off Global NetworkBerlin, Germany

2021| Astra Films FestivalSibiu, Romania

2020 | BDC Discoveries – Sofia, Bulgaria

2019 | Astra Film Lab – Post-Production Award Winner – Sibiu, Romania

2019 | ZagrebDoxPro Zagreb, Croatia


Direction, cinematography, sound: Jacopo Marzi

Co-cinematograper: Davide Bertuccio

Producer: Elena Santamaria

Production Company: OxyGene Film Productions LTD (UK), JM Films (IT)

Sound Designer: Lorenzo Sattin

Colorist: Davide Pini

Executive Producer: John Dodds

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