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Gary Walling, who is a 39 year old with mental challenges, used to live with a foster family where he had limited access to social gatherings. He wasn’t getting along with his foster family so when we was looking for a place to go he had the opportunity to get placed with ARC and has lived with their help and care ever since. Now Gary has become quite the social butterfly. He has been to various NFL, MLB, and NBA events, he has worked on his independence skills to get a job, as well as building strong and lasting relationships. Gary has expressed an interest in Church and has done volunteer work in the community. In his down time he enjoys talking to his girlfriend, bowling, and playing sports with his peers since he happiest when in group settings and enjoys having friends. Whenever he has opportunities, he likes to be outdoors. Gary is a hard working individual and has made great strides in his development since moving to ARC.


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20** | XXX – Xnd Place

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